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Sparkling Shoko Bracelet Recipe for video on Youtube channel Carol Cypher with Tulip Beading Needles

Jan 01 2016

Peanut seed beads in durable finish, 2x4mm P
Size 11 durable finish seed beads S
(Size 15 durable finish seed beads s)
Rondel 4x6mm or4mm bicone crystal C
fireline thread 8 or 10#
2 Tulip beading needles size 10 or 11
Tulip cellulose-head pin (send me a SASE for one)
Magnetic closure ( sells the secure one in video)
Tip: Look through the entire recipe before beginning!!!!
(Aqua bracelet in left of photo using 3x5mm rondels)
1. Thread a needle onto each end of a wingspan of Fireline, pulling a few inches through each needle.
2. Center 1P or the magnetic closure on the thread. Use the cellulose pin to secure it to the beading mat.
3. String 1S - 1P on each needle.
4. String 1S -1C-1S on one needle. Cross through these 3 beads with the other needle.
Pull both needles in opposite directions to pull the beads close to the beadwork.
5. String 1P - 1S on each needle.
6. String 1P on one needle. Cross through the P with the other needle.
7. String 1P on each needle.
8. String 1P on one needle. Cross through the P with the other needle.
9. Repeat steps 3 through 8 until length is 1/2" short of meeting around the wrist.

10. Complete one more unit by repeating steps 3 through 7.
11. Cross the needles in one loop of the magnetic closure.

12. Finish one thread by weaving it in as follows:
*Pass through the next P. Make a half-hitch knot.
Repeat from* 3 more times. Repeat with other thread. 
If you use secure magnetic closure from Beadcats, feel free to cut the threads after weaving in.
IF you are using regular magnetic closure, create a safety chain as follows:
Leave this thread hanging until step 19.
13. With the remaining needle, string ~20 S or, 2.5-3cm. These will create a safety chain so that, if the magnetic closure should be forced open unexpectedly, the bracelet will not fall off.
NOTE: if using this recipe for a necklace, or if using special Australian side-looped magnetic closure, disregard the safety chain. Not necessary.
14. Pass the needle through the other loop of the magnetic closure.
15. String 1P. Pass through the very first P (that had been secured to the beading mat).
16. String 1P. Pass through the loop again and into 4S of the safety chain.
17. Make a half-hitch knot. Pass through the next S.
18. Repeat step 17 three times. Pass through 6 beads before cutting the thread close and carefully.
19. Pick up the needle abandoned in step 12. Pass through 4S of the safety chain or just 4 beads before cutting.
Note: The blue peanut version to right is similar except, replace the rondels with 4mm bicone. In step 4, replace the size 11 on each side of the crystal with a size 15.
Red bracelet on right in photograph above uses 4x6mm rondels:

Purple and gold bracelet below, using 6x8mm rondels:
Follow recipe above with these larger rondels and in steps 3 & 5, use instead P-S-P.

Try these variations:
Incorporate color by using seed beads or peanuts other than durable finish silver or gold.
Skip steps 7 & 8 but, be certain to have many more crystals on hand.
I've made these using pearls, gemstones, m&m sized lamp-worked get the idea. Go forth and apply this method to all the beads in your stash.

Half-hitch knots...
Pass the needle up under the thread coming out of the same bead the needle3 just exited. Don't pull all the thread through...allowing a loop to pass the needle through. Now pull it through and the loop tightens into a half-hitch knot. I finish every thread with no fewer than 4 of these knots placed between 5 consecutive beads.

Thank you for beading with me. Peace, Love and Happiness, Carol

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